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This is LearnGreekFree.com - your source for initial instruction in the New Testament Greek at no cost. Everything necessary to enable you to read the New Testament in the original language is on this site. There is no need to buy additional books or other lesson material; each lesson is complete with video and downloads you may print or view on your computer screen.

Learning to read the Koine Greek of the New Testament will enhance your ability to study God's Word and will strengthen your faith. The method of instruction employed at LearnGreekFree.com is designed to begin that process as quickly as possible. The LearnGreekFree.com lesson plan will enable you to read the New Testament Greek after a few hours of study. Rather than burden students with morphological technicalities right off the bat, the pupil will learn Greek grammar in the same way he learned his mother tongue; in context and as the need arises. In this fashion the learner is able to make quick progress and the learning of the Greek becomes a joy, not a burden.

Thank you for visiting LearnGreekFree.com! Enjoy your study of the New Testament in its original language and do so heartily as unto the Lord. May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you in your studies.

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